Mission & Vision

Our group of companies delights clients and customers in the CEE region through world-class contract food and support services.

We are market leaders and torchbearers for industry-leading compliance standards, outstanding health and safety systems, and exceptional service quality.

Our vision is to build happier, healthier and more sustainable communities while growing our market position.

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5 core values logo with CEE Catering brands

Our 5 Core Values

1. We prioritize Health and Safety above all else.
Guaranteeing that our food is safe to consume and that our employees are protected at work.

2. We are always striving for improvement.
Every service offered, every experience created, and every human interaction has our customer's satisfaction in mind. We have a passion for quality, but we are not complacent and are always pushing to do better.

3. We are leading in governance.
Our industry-leading compliance standards give our clients peace of mind. This includes clear record-keeping, international audits, internal audit systems, a zero-tolerance policy for corruption, fully-employed staff, and transparent supply chains.

4. We have integrity and are transparent.
We build trust by being a reliable and accountable partner, we are ready to share our books with our clients. Suppliers can count on us, we respect their interests and pay on time. We foster open communication among employees.

5.  We are proud to be result oriented.
Being profitable allows us to invest in the best resources and team members to provide outstanding service and to work towards our vision of happier, healthier and more sustainable communities.