Group Governance and Compliance

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Acting ethically is not only the right thing to do, but also the right thing to do for our business. The trust that our employees, clients, and customers place in us is fundamental to protecting the reputation and long-term success of our business. We believe in responsible leadership; to set the standard and act as a role model for ethical behaviour and integrity-driven decisions. Through an inclusive and supportive culture, we promote a workplace where our people and partners can speak up and be heard.
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Business Conduct Policy

We have a strong track record in ethically delivering high quality services to our clients. We have a comprehensive Global Business Conduct Policy ("BCP") that we expect everyone working for our Group to adhere to, and supporting the BCP there is a robust internal policy network, which include policies on gifts and hospitality, data privacy etc. Our Business Conduct Policy is personally endorsed by the Group Managing Directors and implementation, including key integrity principles and expectations, is reinforced by our Compliance program.
Global Business Conduct Policy

Compliance Program

Our Compliance program activities contribute to providing the conditions and requirements for the Group’s employees and those who act on our behalf to ensure business is conducted in an ethical, fair and responsible way. Our Compliance team, led by our Regional Legal & Compliance Director has primary responsibility for promoting, monitoring and enforcing ethics and compliance in the Group, including the BCP. The team accomplishes this through training, policies, and processes designed to foster an ethical culture and protect against the risk of noncompliance.

We take a risk-based approach that centers around creating awareness of business integrity risks and red flag spotting. The Compliance team, consisting of stakeholders across the Group, meets quarterly to conduct risk assessments and track progress on key compliance risk areas. Audits of compliance with the BCP and local law are conducted on a regular basis.
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FaceUp, We Are Listening

A strong culture of integrity is promoted through our Compliance program and our independently operated FaceUp, We Are Listening helpline and web platform. We encourage anyone who has an interest in our Group’s business to raise if something doesn’t feel right or they have a concern about potential misconduct or other improper circumstances or behaviours including those inconsistent with our Business Conduct Policy. This includes concerns involving health, safety and environment, harassment, human rights, bribery and corruption, anti-competitive behaviour, theft and fraud, financial or other reporting irregularities and business integrity issues in general. FaceUp, We Are Listening, is a confidential reporting program that is accessible to anyone, available 24/7 365 days a year. We want to reassure you that you can raise concerns in good faith without fear of reprisal. For further details, refer to our FaceUp, We Are Listening Policy.
FaceUp, We Are Listening Policy

Group Supplier Code of Conduct

Our priority is to ensure we partner with suppliers who share similar values to ours and uphold the same high ethical standards and principles. The Group Supplier Code of Conduct, sets forth our guidelines and expectations with respect to key areas of responsible sourcing, while ensuring consistency and excellence to all stakeholders, and it establishes the minimum standards our suppliers must meet in order to conduct business with our Group. For further details, refer to our Group Supplier Code of Conduct.
Group Supplier Code of Conduct
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